Abbadia Lariana is in a strategic position in relation to the places of major tourist interest, just a few kilometres outside Lecco and serviced by the railway linee run by Trenord Tirano-Sondrio-Lecco-Milano which links all the towns on the eastern shore of Lake Como.
An ideal base for day trips around the lake to discover the gems we have in this area.
The medieval fishing village
Varenna is one of the major tourist destinations on Lake Como, an absolute gem with a charm and elegance all its own.
Strolling down the narrow alleys, catching glimpses of the stunning scenery, you are likely to run into landscape painters, crafts boutiques and art exhibitions.
The main attractions are the aristocratic Villa Cipressi and Villa Monastero, which bring to life memories of a romantic past. Enjoy a relaxing stroll in the lovely gardens of rare plants and flowers, enveloped in the bewitching scents and colours.
On the hilltop above Varenna is Vezio Castle where Teodolinda, Queen of the Lombards, is said to have died in the 7th century. From the castle lawns there is a spectacular view of the lake.
The pearl of the lake Como
Stendahl, passing through in 1817 wrote:
“The greenery is dotted with palaces, on the hilltops, and these are mirrored in the water… such an elegant, picturesque and voluptuous style of architecture.”
Bellagio has welcomed many an important literary or artistic figure in its noble homes and palaces and they fell hopelessly in love with its beauty. Bellagio is an enchanting little town, perhaps one of the most romantic on the Lake Como. You can spend a relaxing day strolling down the cobbled alleys, wandering up and down the stepped laneways, visiting crafts shops and splendid villas with their lush gardens.
How to get there:
From Varenna you can arrive by ferry: passenger ferry, car ferry or hydrofoil.
For timetables and info
Tickets can be bought directly at the booth at the landing stage in piazza Martiri Libertà.
The red train of the Bernina
Trenino rosso del Bernina 300x204 - LARIO E DINTORNI
Unesco Heritage Site
The Bernina Express, the highest railway line in the Alps, connects Italy with Switzerland: running across verdant meadows, through villages, woods, along lake shores then heading up a corkscrew track higher and higher towards the gleaming glaciers towering above.
This is an unforgettable experience at any time of year. In winter, the snowy landscapes are straight out of a fairytale, in summer you can stop off and take a walk through the woods and pastures.
The little red train of Bernina goes from Tirano (SO) to St.Moritz.
Tickets can be purchased online or at the train station before departure.
duomo milano 300x226 - LARIO E DINTORNI
The capital of Lombardy
A wealthy city and an important one, it is the Italian capital of economics, finance, and the hub of fashion and design.
Enveloped at times in its legendary fog, it might sound like a grey city but its crowded streets are buzzing with colour and life. Milan will never cease to amaze you with its exhibitions, museums, la Scala, its castle Castello Sforzesco, and it is perfect for anyone who loves shopping or the busy nightlife in the Navigli canal district. The historic centre is peppered with churches, buildings and monuments and first and foremost, its cathedral the Duomo, one of the largest and most important churches in Europe, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture and symbol of the city. Milan was home to major artists in every period, artists like Leonardo Da Vinci who left us his most important work: the Last Supper in the basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie.
Bike Tours
For lovers of the outdoors and mountain bike there is a cycle path (75 km) from Lecco to Milan along the banks of the River Adda. Spot the flora and fauna, ravines carved out by the river, historic hydroelectric power stations, major engineering works of Leonardo da Vinci’s and the landscape which is the background in the Mona Lisa.
berghamo 300x169 - LARIO E DINTORNI
An enchanting medieval town in the foothills of the Orobian Alps
Bergamo Bergamo is easy to get to and an obligatory trip for anybody touring Lombardy with its wealth of historic and artistic treasures.
The town of Bergamo, or Bèrghem as the locals call it, is divided into two distinct parts:
the hill town, Città Alta, enclosed by ancient walls, is the oldest part of the town. Historic sites and monuments make it ideal for a stroll through the medieval steets where you can enjoy stunning views of the mountains and the plains below where you will find the low town, Citta Bassa, the vibrant heart of modern business.
como 1 300x200 - LARIO E DINTORNI
Lake Como history and culture
Como is world renowned as one of the most popular destinations in northern Italy, with tourists and Hollywood celebrities alike.
Getting around from one tourist attraction is really simple and we owe it all to Julius Caesar who in 59 B.C. founded Novum Comum, the ancient urban centre with its octagonal layout which is still clearly visible today.
Como is a town that has a wealth of historic and artistic attractions: it was the birthplace of Pliny the Younger and Pliny the Elder who are commemmorated with two statues on the external facade of the majestic Gothic cathedral. It is situated in the heart of the town, and a marvel in terms of works of art, architecture and state of conservation. Other major attractions are the charming Basilica of Sant’Abbondio, the ancient walls, Villa Olmo, the stonework of the Como stonemasons, the Magistri Comacini, and finally, the funicular railway which takes you up to the panoramic viewing point of Brunate. Como, the European silk capital, never fails to amaze visitors with the variety of cultural and artistic events and its singular landscape and location.

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