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Contact with Nature

Abbadia Lariana is situated near Lecco on a plain formed by the delta of the Zerbo stream below the rocky peaks of the Grigna Meridionale.
Up until a few hundred years ago, the inhabitants of this area lived by subsistance farming, and much of the built up residential area was once open farmland with fields of maize, pastures, green areas and woodland which was a source of timber. Wherever possible, land was terraced on the mountain slopes fto grow grapevines, olives and vegetables.
The stable at ground level, barn above and living quarters on the top floor was the most common layout for farmhouses in those days. And this is how it was for our family too. We made a living for generations from farming and animal husbandry, rearing cattle, sheep and silk worms for the historic Monti Silk Mill which has now been turned into the Silk Museum located in the centre of Abbadia Lariana.

And this is where we, Irene and Attilio, grew up, chasing and playing in the fields, marvelling as we discovered the magic of the woods all around. It was a simple life marked by the rhythms of the seasons, the snowfall in winter, helping out on the farm and harvesting crops during the summer holidays. They say that anyone who spends their childhood in close contact with nature will have an even deeper love for it when they are grown up. And that is how it has been for us. Our love of plants is expressed in our dedication to the olive grove and nursery, the main focus of the farm today. Then we decided it was time for a change…

Over the years, animal husbandry had become increasingly difficult for our parents, gruelling work and no longer profitable in this day and age. That is when we had the idea of turning the old barn which is situated at the heart of our farm into agrotourism accommodation. The barn was renovated in a way that maintains some of its main architectural features and tnow housse modern apartments with a spectacular view over marvellous Lake Como.

… Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed but everything is transformed…

This is the philosophy we have learned from nature, drawing from it the strength and energy to give new life to these spaces and make them accessible to anyone looking for somewhere to unwind, to enjoy the enchantment of the lake, the hills reflected in still waters crowned by peaks which turn to blue as the sun sets and the sky takes on a rosy hue.
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