WHAT TO DO ON HOLIDAY ON LAKE COMO – You can leave Agriturismo FULÈT on foot and hike to the top of the Grigne mountain range with its limestone crags and pinnacles or explore the historic medieval villages dotted all around the eastern shore of Lake Como. We can recommend a number of different hikes to our guest so you can recharge your batteries through contact with nture, the energy of our mountains and out lake.
The beaches of Abbadia Lariana
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Pack your towel… we’re off to the beach!
Abbadia Lariana boasts a marvellous waterfront which is well looked after and offers every convenience such as showers, toilet facilities, bar, kids’ play area, beach volley court and a lovely lawn area in the shade of weeping willows and olive trees. In the campsite area it is also possible to hire out bicyles, kayaks, windsurf boards and more.
Then there is the breathtaking setting, a corner of paradise, with free access to beaches which gently slope down to the clear water, almost white at the shore but emerald green where it reflects the wooded mountains. You can truly relax and have fun in this lovely place which attracts tourists from all parts of the lake..
The sentiero del viandante trail
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Walk at your own pace, taking it all in
Time: 3:30 hours (Abbadia to Lierna)
Difficulty: this trail is suited to all ages, a perfect idea for a family day out in natural surroundings and a way to explore the area. Spring and autumn are the ideal times of year to enoy the magical atmosphere of these places.
The Sentiero del Viandante is a hiking trail about 45 km long which winds along the eastern shore of Lake Como, from Abbadia Lariana to Piantedo. In the past it was the foot trail which facilitated communication and trade between one town and another. The Viandante is well kept and signposted and can be divided into sections thanks to the frequent intersections with the Lecco-Colico railway line so that you can do one stage at a time and return by train to your starting point. It is basically a long walk with some gentle uphill stretches which bring you to spectacular viewing points.
Starting from Agriturismo FULÈT which is actually located along the trail, you can do the first stretch which connects Abbadia with Lierna, a fascinating trail with a wealth of points of interest in terms of geology, botany, history and culture: reminders of the faith of the local people like the lovely old church of San Giorgio; the medieval tower houses which bear witness to the system of fortifications on the lake like Barbarossa’s tower; the lovely landscape you pass through composed of farmland, vineyards, olive groves, farmhouses and little hamlets perched on the foothills of the Grigne mountains.
Cenghen waterfall
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From the depths of the earth
Tempo: 1:00 hour
Difficulty: this hike is suited to everyone, children included. The trail winds along a mule track, an easy walk which requires little effort. Unfortunately, the signposting is not the best but we at FULÈT will be delighted to give you some more details before you set out.
This trail offers lovely views of the lake and the gentle slopes covered in olive groves, fruit trees and vegetable gardens. As you go higher up the cobbled path, the sounds of the plain gradually fade into the distance and you are enveloped by the silence of the woods.
You soon reach the lovely little hamlet of Calech which is famous for its wide meadows, a good place to stop and admire the view of the Grigna Meridionale or Southern Grigna with the elelgant lines of the ridge, Cresta Segantini and the mountains on the other side of the lake stretching towards Como.
The final section of the trail is on rougher terrain but after a hundred metres or so you are there at your DESTINATION!
The waterfall itself is quite spectacular and the roar of the water plunging 50 metres is deafening.
The sheer rocky walls gouged by the water over the ages create an awe-inspiring primordial scene which makes you feel very small and insignificant.
This lovely place surrounded by wilderness is a hidden gem in the heart of the Grigna and an oasis of peace and tranquility.
Free climbing
Welcome to paradise, climbers!
The Grigne, Resegone and San Martino mountains form a crown about our lake, a compact massif of limestone rock which gives its unique identity to the Lecco area. Lecco is the city with the greatest mountaineering tradition in the area and the elite Lecco Spiders, “Ragni di Lecco” are world renowned.
Starting from FULÈT you can reach the Grignetta or Southern Grigna, one of the most bewitching mountains in the Lecco area; with its limestone walls and elegant spires it offers an infinite variety of bolted climbing routes at every level of difficulty and is buzzing with climbers all year round.
Moto Guzzi Motorcycle Museum
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Welcome to paradise, climbers!
While you are staying in Abbadia Lariana you just can’t afford to miss a visit to the Moto Guzzi Museum which covers the history of their company from its foundation to the modern day.
(Via Parodi 57, Mandello del Lario, tel. 0341 709237, orario 15.00 – 16.00 weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays, only by prior booking. Museum closed during factory holidays)
If you are a motorbike enthusiast you can’t miss the party atmosphere if the Guzzi rally which attracts thousands of Guzzi fans and their families from all over the world.

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